A Call to Arms

Saturday at noon is another Shot Heard Round NY Event.  Wake up the voters. Wake up the Sportsmen and Gun Owners that don’t understand that even though they only shoot shotguns or bows, the SAFE Act is about their rights too.  (yes it sounds unbeleivable but they are still out there)

This is a  “Call to Arms”  and the weapon of choice is the lever at the ballot box or the #2 lead pencil for the new ballots.   The support weapon of choice is the SCOPE Voter app or Candidate Report Card.  Take it with you into the voting booth.

Here is a list of gun clubs that will welcome you to come and fire a shot (or two) at Noon on Saturday November 1st.

Helderberg Rod and Gun Club 386 Quay Road Altamont New York
Ontario Rod and Gun Club 2523 Trimble rd Ontario New York
Hamburg Rod and Gun 3434 Hickox Rd Hamburg New York
Canandaigua Sportsman’s Club 5280 Emerson Rd, Canandaigua New York

NOTE: Sheriff Christopher Moss and Candidate for Lt Governor will be at the Canandaigua Sportsman’s Club   and Sheriff Tim Howard will be joining at the Hamburg Rod and Gun Club.

If you cannot make it to your club then take extra measures because this time there may be Bow Hunters in the woods.

All shots should be executed at noon in a safe and legal manner.

SCOPE website has a link to add your club if you are planning an event on Saturday.

Disclaimer:  Any wetting of the pants by the anti Second Amendment types is purely incidental and is not the intent of Shot Heard Round NY.

Tuesday is our vindication day.  We have been called names.  We have been told there is no place for us in our own state. We have been threatened with confiscation of private proterty.  We have been classified as criminals.

Tuesday is our turn to say:  We are not extremists Mr Cuomo, YOU ARE!  We do have a right to be here!  We will not let you confsicate our private property without due process.  We are not criminals!

Get out and VOTE on Tuesday!  Make calls to make sure others have voted.  Offer rides to the polls or have a meet up before or after voting.
Not voting is a yes vote for more gun control and SAFE ACT part II.

Visit SCOPEny.org there you will find four mediums to see your candidates grade.

Click to follow and explore your options.

  1. The Candidate Report Card in a pdf file.  Find your county and print that page.  
  2. The online Candidate Report Card.  Select your County and print it  
  3. The mobile phone version  
  4. and the Smartphone app