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A New York Civil Rights Organization Advocating for Second Amendment Rights of New York Gun Owners

Shooters Committee on Political Education



A New York Civil Rights Organization Advocating for Second Amendment Rights of New York Gun Owners

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Shooters Committee on Political Education

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Shooters Committee on Political Education

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms in New York State

Essay 1             A Short Analysis of the Second Amendment
Essay 2             Apathy and Disunity have caused a Crisis of Liberty
Essay 3             The Firearm Privileges of New York State        
Essay 4             You are SCOPE

You are SCOPE

During the short, but contentious 2009 leadership battle in the NYS Senate, Malcolm Smith lost his seat as senate majority leader to ‘gang of four’ member Pedro Espada Jr. and now holds the title of ‘temporary president of the senate’. After an undefined transition period, Democratic Conference Leader Senator John Sampson of Brooklyn is slated to replace Espada as majority leader. Consequently, the Democratic Party will begin the 2010 legislative session with an intact 32-30 majority.

You are Scope

Although efforts by senate Republicans forestalled passage of the Micro-Stamping and 5-Year Pistol Permit Renewal legislation, these and other bills will surely be reconsidered by the NYS legislature early in 2010. Once passed into law, these bills will remain in effect and are unlikely to be overturned - except through costly lawsuits for which SCOPE is not yet sufficiently funded to initiate or support.

SCOPE is the leading second amendment special interest group in the state, and its unique county chapter structure is well balanced to provide continuity between ‘the general membership and the New York organization. However, as dedicated as our leaders are, they are necessarily limited in number, and their time must be divided between managing the organization as a whole, and working to preserve gun right’s in this state.

Unfortunately, many gun owners indirectly believe that organizations like the NRA, GOA, NYSR&P, and SCOPE are able to combat antigun legislation on their own. It is precisely this perception that has brought us to our current predicament in New York State. While it is absolutely true that larger membership rolls give greater clout to these organizations, even the largest are dependant upon the action of their members for success, and SCOPE is no exception.

Let’s take a closer look at the composition of our organization:
There are 3 executive committee members, 10 at-large boards of directors and 12 county chapters. If each county chapter averages 3 committee members, then there are approximately 49 leadership positions in an organization with thousands of members statewide. Simply compare the voice of 49 to the voice of thousands, and my point becomes strikingly clear: You are SCOPE.

Without your help we will not win the upcoming legislative battles. Here is why: for forty years the Republican Party has controlled the NY Senate (from 1939 to 2008, except for 1965), and has held the gun prohibitionists in check. But now the downstate anti-gunners are in charge, and worse, they have a special weapon they will soon use against us: the 2010 census and redistricting. If they are permitted to redistrict New York, you can be sure that they will gerrymander districts guaranteeing they never lose control of the powerful NY senate again. Once downstate politicians are assured of an unbreakable majority, there is nothing to prevent them from passing the most oppressive antigun legislation. The eradication of gun rights in New York is not hyperbole; it is a real possibility.

We have a short window of opportunity during which we can capitalize on the growing trend against unchecked socialism and statism.  Twenty-ten may very well be the year the fate of liberty in New York State is decided. Therefore, it is no longer sufficient for each patriot or sportsperson to simply maintain his or her membership in SCOPE (although we are very grateful when you join or renew). You must take every available opportunity to contribute to the cause of liberty and second amendment rights in our state. This is a heavy burden, but it must be carried by every one of us.

We encourage each SCOPE member to undertake the following 9 essential actions:

1. Increase SCOPE membership. Encourage spouses, children, relatives and friends to join. Give gift memberships to those with economic concerns. The price of each membership is about the cost of a single box of ammunition, and each new member will increase our clout in Albany.

  1. Contribute to SCOPE-PAC. This arm of SCOPE raises funds specifically for the support of candidates for state office who unwaveringly support your right to keep and bear arms. Each dollar donated to SCOPE-PAC greatly amplifies our political influence.

  1. Contribute to the SCOPE Legal Fund. This fund supports our legal efforts to overturn unjust laws currently in effect in New York. At present, SCOPE is challenging the Nassau County Handgun Ban, a county law that confiscates all handguns colored any color other than traditional colors from residents and visitors alike. The Supreme Court of New York State has accepted our appeal and the result is likely to resonate statewide. We anticipate a great pro-gun victory, but we need your help for this costly challenge.

  1. Vote for pro-gun representatives in your district in the 2010 election. Ensure that every family member of voting age is registered and votes pro-gun in this decisive election.

  1. Participate in phone and mailing campaigns to your representatives, A personal phone call, or hand written letter of just a few lines has immense impact on the voting record of your representative.

  1. Participate in phone and mailing campaigns to downstate politicians. They will try to discount you, but it is your job to keep them on the phone, and to fill their mailboxes; state that you are calling or writing as a ‘Member of SCOPE, a New York State Wide organization. Make your opposition to each antigun bill clear, and always leave your name, address, and phone number, and request a written response. Do not be surprised if you cannot talk to the representative personally, this is common, and your efforts with their legislative aids are no less effective.

  1. Contribute financially to pro-gun representatives; your voice will have increased clout if you are on their list of financial supporters.

  1. Contribute financially to the campaigns of downstate pro-gun challengers: we have to change the composition of downstate government in order to win this battle. Both the problem and the solution are downstate,

  1. Recruit family and friends to our cause; ask them to join the battle and to follow these nine steps.

SCOPE will offer guidance on strategies 4 through 8 during the 2010 legislative session, so please attend your chapter meetings, and utilize SCOPE’s websites where we will post much of this information as it becomes available. Please note that we do not ask you to contribute your time and money lightly, we ask because it is imperative to act now to secure these rights for future generations of New Yorkers. Remember, you are

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