Action Alerts

How to use Action Alerts From SCOPE

When you receive an Action Alert from SCOPE you have several options after you input your address your elected official is automatically identified. 
Usually SCOPE wants you to send a focused message to your legislators or a specific group of legislators.  But you always have the option to add your wording. 
Read the message and you will have the first set of options. 
Send generates an email the others are self-explanatory.
You will have the options to


After selecting you choice you have another set of options.  You can send you message to News Outlets in your area.  Select the organizations you wish to send to and hit send.


Finally, you can share the alert with like minded friends and family.


and if you have a blog or a website you can share the alert there too.
By using these tools we can expand the messages from SCOPE exponentially.
Please  use these tools to spread the word and get the NY SAFE repealed.


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