APRIL 1st Rally at The Mall in Albany

Photo from Previous Rally
Photo from Previous Rally

It’s On! Anti Gun Control Groups Muster in Albany!

The Governor said we are unwelcome? The Governor said there is no place for us in New York State? The Governor said we are extremists. Now he has Chuck Schumer saying the government should persecute dissenting opinions too. What is next? No room for us in the county? Thousands of voting citizens paid Mr Cuomo and company a  visit today.    They picked April Fools Day to let the Governor know that not only is there room for them in NY but he has crossed the line.

With in the past 48 hours, Gun Control Group NYAGV organized a counter protest at the

NYAGV and State Legislators To Hold Press Event on NY SAFE Act to Reduce Gun Violence. Assembly members Brian Kavanagh and Michelle Schimel, co founder of SLAIG will be there too.  Both Kavanagh and Schimel are graded F on the SCOPE Voter App

The media approach to covering the two groups will be interesting.



Shooters Committee On Political Education

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