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              Another senseless murder happened recently and as expected, there has been a huge outpouring of “more gun control” by the liberal left.  The advocates of gun control are determined to destroy the protections of honest citizens afforded by the Second Amendment which says “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  One of the main definitions of the term “infringed” is “violated.”  Speaks for itself.

              First of all there should be a better definition of the problem. The liberal media and politicians use the term “gun violence.”  A better and more accurate description would be “criminal misuse of firearms.” The problem is with the criminals, not with the tool, the gun. 

              Let’s look at the facts of the murders.  It was an African American shooting two Caucasians and yet the media has not labeled it as a racist hate crime. This seems to be the battle cry when an African American is murdered by a Caucasian.   It should be considered both ways.  The liberals keep calling for “equality” so why not insist that it be included in crimes?

              The killer bought the gun after passing a background check, so that is not the problem.  It is proof that evil people can pass background checks.  This opens the door for some real intrusions into background checks.  We also know that the government is exempt from HIPPA laws and can get any information they want.

              With the New York SAFE act the government invades medical records to determine if a person might be “a danger to himself or others” and runs the data against those who have pistol permits.  If a person in some defined medical occupation like a doctor, nurse or even a social worker has an opinion that a person fits into that category they can file a report.  The State Police end up with the chain of data transfers and can have the pistol permit suspended and all guns confiscated.

              This doesn’t require an arrest; just a line in a report of the opinion and then it is carried out without due process.  The bureaucrats and State Police think this is due process.  It is time consuming and expensive to challenge the information in the report.  What happens is that the person (who is not notified that the report is being made) gets blind sided with the notice of confiscation.

              There is no hearing by a judge or at least a psychiatrist or psychologist to verify that the report is true and that there actually is a problem with the person.  Just the opinion of a semi-educated person in a medical facility can cause the State Police (or local law enforcement) to confiscate all the person’s guns.  A serious breach of first, second, fourth and fourteenth amendment rights should have all the protections necessary to maintain and retain those rights.

              However, as a federal bureaucrat said: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  Therefore the anti-gun vultures hover around and keep looking for more opportunities to diminish Second Amendment rights. They will call for stricter and more background checks as the answer, maybe even try to amend the law to actually require a letter from a psychiatrist or psychologist to go with the background check. That should diminish the number of people who are willing to do that in order to buy a gun.  The liberal left would count that as a huge win. 

              Their objective is to have fewer people owning guns thinking that would reduce gun violence.  They are wrong.  It won’t work because criminals don’t obey laws and if they can’t pass a background check they get their guns illegally.  This is a fact of criminal life.

              How much of a problem is there with criminal misuse of firearms?  Let’s look at the data.  There are an estimated one hundred million gun owners in America.  We do have a high per capita ownership of guns.  The estimated number of deaths (including suicides which amount to about half the deaths) is under 40,000.  That means that more than ninety-nine and three quarters percent of gun owners are not criminals.  Most Americans wish we had that high a percentage of honest politicians. 

              To address the problem properly, we have to define the problem.  It is not a gun problem, but a criminal problem and this should be the focus of the laws.  Felons cannot legally own firearms, so it stands to reason the focus should be on the criminal.

             We need more and better mental health care and facilities, but that is an expensive undertaking and doesn’t meet with much enthusiasm in the legislative chambers.  It may be that the liberal politicians and media will continue with lots of slogans and very few (if any) solutions.  If they can make the voters think they are doing something about the problem that is good enough.  In politics perception IS reality. If it gets votes the politicians are satisfied.<



JULY 15, 2015          


   The professional politician or bureaucrat becomes an expert at deception.  They learn, and practice this art when making appearances, speeches, and press releases.  They will write documents that consist of phrases that are difficult to understand by the average reader, and will include many “subjective words” to make interpretation a matter for courts to eventually decide. 

              Recently the bureaucrats and politicians in Albany released what they call an MOU, or Message of Understanding regarding the SAFE act.  It means absolutely nothing and its purpose was to deceive and confuse the gun owners in the state to believe that at least part of the SAFE act was going to be repealed.  This is a definite lie.

              One of the benefits the politicians hoped for was to dampen the enthusiasm of the upstate gun owners to run primaries for six Republican senators who said they were for the repeal of the SAFE act, but voted for the Majority Leader who voted for it instead of for an upstate senator who is on record for voting against it.  Now, they are looking for “damage control.” 

              The gun owners in the six districts are not easily dissuaded from their intentions and lying to them only strengthens their resolve.  This could easily be construed as an insult to their intelligence and make them more determined to continue with their efforts to primary the turncoats.

              The provisions of the SAFE act that the MOU talked about were in regards to the background checks on ammunition and other provisions that would be extremely expensive for the state to implement or enforce.  The fact that the provision of the act to register “assault weapons” has resulted in massive non-compliance during the first year of it taking effect should be a powerful message regarding the effectiveness of the law.

               Not registering the “assault weapons” is against the law.  Running a primary is not against the law. Six Republican senators are in jeopardy of having their campaigns challenged next year.  This is not a pleasant prospect for an incumbent, especially those who are in “safe districts.”  It will be most interesting to see what bills will be introduced regarding the repeal of the SAFE act next year, especially in the senate.  Voters want results.  Promises no longer count.

              There is an old saying: “I can forgive you for lying to me, but what hurts is that I can never trust you again.”  Trust is very important in the political field.  The loss of trust and belief gives the voter encouragement to vote for a change in that office.  This factor can have a big effect on campaign strategy.  Anger is a powerful motivator to get people to the polls.

              The MOU didn’t even touch on the most unconstitutional part of the SAFE act which is the loss of four Constitutional Rights caused by a report on the alleged mental health of a gun owner.  A case is already in the courts on the Montgomery Case where a retired State Trooper went to a hospital for insomnia, and somehow, someone reported that he was considered to be mentally unfit to possess firearms and was a danger to himself and others.  His pistol permit was revoked and all his guns were confiscated.  Just on a “report by one person.”

              The same thing happened to other people in the state.  A report was made to a bureaucracy, passed down through the bureaucracy chain to the pistol permit offices of the accused party’s county and their rights were terminated.  No warning was given, just a letter to surrender their pistol permit and all guns in their possession.  Absolutely no due process!

              There are approximately 70,000 people on this list and most of them don’t know they are affected. There were almost 400 who got the notice only because they had pistol permits.  The others could have their record sent to the Federal Government NICS check and will find out that they are not eligible to buy a firearm when they try to buy one.  The process to get that corrected is convoluted and can be expensive.

              What should be done is to make sure that before any reports are made that will affect firearms ownership is to have the due process BEFORE the action.  A medical care person who may not have proper training in psychiatric disorders or even a social worker can make the determination that in their opinion the person is a mental defective or a danger to themselves or others. 

              The due process should involve a review of this opinion by a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist before the action to deprive a person of the four constitutional rights.  That would be reasonable.  Not to do so changes the American system of justice.

              A person is considered to be innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.  This provision of the SAFE act reverses this to “a person is considered to be guilty unless that person can prove himself (herself) to be innocent”.  Time consuming, expensive and unfair!

              Those who voted for the SAFE act with this provision should have realized that this would be a problem.  All legislators have legal counsel available on staff and many are lawyers who should know about due process.  Yet they passed the bill with this dangerous provision.  This columnist has a word for those who voted for the bill.  Actually, a couple of definitions for their actions: ignorant, unAmerican, and stupid.  I stand by this statement.<

Thank You for Joining SCOPE

You have  joined SCOPE for less than a box of bullets.  Your $25.00 per year will helps us fight for NY Gun Owners Second Amendment Rights.  HOWEVER!  We still need a little more information.

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A Call to Arms

Saturday at noon is another Shot Heard Round NY Event.  Wake up the voters. Wake up the Sportsmen and Gun Owners that don’t understand that even though they only shoot shotguns or bows, the SAFE Act is about their rights too.  (yes it sounds unbeleivable but they are still out there)

This is a  “Call to Arms”  and the weapon of choice is the lever at the ballot box or the #2 lead pencil for the new ballots.   The support weapon of choice is the SCOPE Voter app or Candidate Report Card.  Take it with you into the voting booth.

Here is a list of gun clubs that will welcome you to come and fire a shot (or two) at Noon on Saturday November 1st.

Helderberg Rod and Gun Club 386 Quay Road Altamont New York
Ontario Rod and Gun Club 2523 Trimble rd Ontario New York
Hamburg Rod and Gun 3434 Hickox Rd Hamburg New York
Canandaigua Sportsman’s Club 5280 Emerson Rd, Canandaigua New York

NOTE: Sheriff Christopher Moss and Candidate for Lt Governor will be at the Canandaigua Sportsman’s Club   and Sheriff Tim Howard will be joining at the Hamburg Rod and Gun Club.

If you cannot make it to your club then take extra measures because this time there may be Bow Hunters in the woods.

All shots should be executed at noon in a safe and legal manner.

SCOPE website has a link to add your club if you are planning an event on Saturday.

Disclaimer:  Any wetting of the pants by the anti Second Amendment types is purely incidental and is not the intent of Shot Heard Round NY.

Tuesday is our vindication day.  We have been called names.  We have been told there is no place for us in our own state. We have been threatened with confiscation of private proterty.  We have been classified as criminals.

Tuesday is our turn to say:  We are not extremists Mr Cuomo, YOU ARE!  We do have a right to be here!  We will not let you confsicate our private property without due process.  We are not criminals!

Get out and VOTE on Tuesday!  Make calls to make sure others have voted.  Offer rides to the polls or have a meet up before or after voting.
Not voting is a yes vote for more gun control and SAFE ACT part II.

Visit there you will find four mediums to see your candidates grade.

Click to follow and explore your options.

  1. The Candidate Report Card in a pdf file.  Find your county and print that page.  
  2. The online Candidate Report Card.  Select your County and print it  
  3. The mobile phone version  
  4. and the Smartphone app   



OCTOBER 8, 2014

Debate time is close. Unfortunately there is not enough news coverage to make a significant impact on the electorate to get the knowledge of the real issues. They have been bombarded with commercials which have been slanted and focused on trivia rather than real issues. It is possible that the knowledgeable voters have decided that the motto of the Cuomo campaign is “if the truth hurts, lie!”
That may not be totally accurate because usually a half truth is more effective than an outright lie. People tend to believe what they want to believe and accuracy sometimes get smudged. That is where a debate is useful. Each debater can “clarify” statements that have been made and if done skillfully, can point out the errors the opponent has made. Politicians hate to have to go on the defensive, but that is a good way to separate facts from opinions or empty promises.
Politicians are experts when it comes to shifting the focus away from their negative actions and they also tend to paint a rosy picture of what they promise if elected. Forcing them to defend these statements and promises can make the “meat on the table” turn into having to admit that it is more like “pie in the sky.” The Start Up NY program is an example of this possibility.
Predictions and reality can be a huge distance apart. People who believe in the crystal ball philosophy of planning for the future are usually disappointed. Political promises can also be disappointing.
One of the major issues that should be thoroughly “discussed” is the corruption investigation that was abruptly brought to a halt when the governor disbanded the Moreland Commission. An issue that Rob Astorino has been bringing up in his speeches and literature regards what he considers to be a big misuse of taxpayer money within the Speaker’s Office. He writes:
“Mr. Silver was caught spending hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to pay off victims of sex crimes committed by his chief counsel and his political cronies in order to keep the victims from speaking out publicly or going to law enforcement authorities. Silver made payoffs at least three times over a period of years and he failed to report to the police credible accusations of rape and other sex assaults. Mr. Silver’s former counsel, Michael Boxley , was accused of raping two Albany staffers. The second Assembly staff member was attacked after Mr. Silver covered up the first alleged attack. She therefore had no knowledge of the first sex attack and didn’t know Mr. Boxley might be dangerous. Mr. Boxley was later charged with rape and convicted of ‘sexual misconduct’ in a plea deal.”
Teachers are disappointed with Cuomo’s support for Common Core. They have spent union money to get legislators who favor the teacher’s point of view. Defending the concept and the results of the program as it is being forced upon school districts should make a lively discussion.
A major point of the debate will probably include the SAFE act. This was a bill passed literally in the middle of the night without the usual three day process to give legislators a chance to read the bill and fairly debate it. Many say it was passed this way because it is the only way Cuomo could get it passed. The bill does nothing to reduce violent gun crime, but affects only the honest gun owners in the state. The governor and the members who voted for the bill obviously do not know the common definition of the word “infringed” as it is used in the Second Amendment.
While this bill is popular in New York City, upstate New York has had a surge of interest in this violation of constitutional rights and numerous gun owners and believers in freedom posted the “Repeal the SAFE act” signs on laws and businesses throughout the rest of the state.
New York has the reputation of being highest in taxes and close to the top in corruption. The SAFE act proved that the politicians in New York City can inflict their wishes and dictates on the citizens of the whole state. However, this can be an election of surprises. People who have been lax in voting and those who never bothered to register to vote before have become angry at the way the state government is being run. Anger is a good motivator and also the loss of constitutional rights have stimulated more interest than Cuomo expected. The upstate voters can show up at the polls and outvote the apathetic in the Big Apple. The debates can make a big difference when it comes to adjusting attitudes in the apathetic. The slogan Rob Asterino uses is absolutely correct.
If you want to change New York for the better, you have to change the politicians. New York needs to be changed.<

SCOPE Car 44 at Holland Raceway

For anyone that was at the opening night of racing at Holland last night, you many have seen Car 44 with a SCOPE decal. SCOPE Officer Kathie Ricketson is in a new class created for Rookie drivers.  Class Future 4’s is for 4 cylinder Hornet cars, to allow drivers to get some experience. SCOPE_Car44Good luck Kathie.<

Gun Owner Campaign Workshop

Gun Owner Campaign Workshop

Saturday, May 17 | 9:00 am | Syracuse NY

400 7th North St., Liverpool, NY 13088


Program Details 



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Greetings fellow gun rights supporter,
The Second Amendment Foundation is excited to co-sponsor with the Leadership Institute, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and the Shooters Committee on Political Education an important workshop for New York gun owners.


Being active in the public policy process is a big part of making a difference for the cause of Second Amendment rights.


The Gun Owner Campaign Workshop teaches you how to manage or contribute to a winning campaign. Every year thousands run for elected office, but only a few win. Get the skills necessary to be a leader for the campaign of your choice and lead in the fight to defend your rights. You will learn how to create campaign, finance, and communications plans as well as voter outreach and get-out-the-vote strategies.


Ideal attendees are campaign staff, candidates, activists, or groups interested in working on ballot initiatives, propositions, or legislation.


Topics covered include the following:


You will learn to:

  • Recruit and manage volunteers
  • Build a grassroots infrastructure
  • Raise money for your cause or campaign
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Develop your campaign message


Sample Lectures Include:

  • What a Campaign Looks Like
  • Researching the Candidates and District
  • Developing a Campaign Strategy and Message
  • Building Coalitions
  • Hiring and Firing of Consultants
  • Person to Person Fundraising


Please feel free to contact us with any questions on registration for this event. We also need help getting the word out. So please feel free to forward this invite to any groups or individuals you think would be interested in attending. Also, please update the calendar of groups you think would be interested. We would enjoy having as many people at this important event as possible. Links to more information, the event flyer, and RSVP page can be found at the top of this message.




Philip Watson

Director of Special Projects

Second Amendment Foundation

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Bellevue, WA 98005

(425) 454-7012<