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Tens of thousands of disenfranchised gun owners and civil rights supporters have placed signage in yards, windows and business from Long Island to Angola. The signs, provided by SCOPE, simply say REPEAL NY SAFE Act!

The so called SAFE Act is a candy wrapper for Secure Ammunition Firearms Enforcement Act which in reality does nothing to keep anyone safe except criminals committing armed offenses. The media has largely ignored the backlash against Governor Cuomo and the Senate, and has all but ignored the exponential blossoming of these signs. They continue to dutifully report on every scripted action by the Governor, but the backlash continues to grow being lead by SCOPE and other Second Amendment Civil Rights groups. The big difference and the real story behind these yard signs and other signs seen in yards, is that each person displaying the REPEAL THE SAFE ACT sign donated money to do so.

Now SCOPE is taking those donations and bringing the message directly to Albany. Beginning on Jan 1 ,2014 a billboard at I 787 and a I 90, will display the message to every politician driving to and from their office. Perhaps then they will receive our “message of necessity” that what they did in 2013 was wrong.

The electronic billboard is located in I 787 3/4 of a mile South of I 90 and is visible to traffic heading south on I-787 into downtown Albany and points south of the city. Downtown Albany is home to the state capitol and governor’s mansion.  The campaign begins on January 1st 2014.

Here is a compilation of the messages that will be rotating on the billboard. This billboard campaign was paid for with the donations received from 10’s of thousands of people that put up the REPEAL THE S.A.F.E. Act yard signs that have exploded across New York State.

These signs will rotate daily.

The Message is meant for the Governor and the Legislators.

Continue to think we are just a vocal minority at your own risk.



Shooters Committee On Political Education

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