DAVID LEWIS Case is not going away!

Will the real David Lewis please stand up.

It has been two years since David Lewis and his attorney promised to sue.  That day has come.

Do you remember this?http://www.buffalonews.com/20130411/amherst_man_x2019_s_gun_permit_reinstated_after_error.html

David A. Lewis, a college librarian from Amherst, got his pistol permit revoked because of Andrew M. Cuomo’s NY SAFE Act.

When the State Police started data mining pharmacy records after receiving permission from NY SAFE, David Lewis lost his gun permit and his handguns.  After the realization that someone screwed up, the story was changed to being the wrong David Lewis that was data mined.

The State Police blamed the clerk’s office and the Clerks Office refused to take the blame.

In the end, the story was  the Police had the wrong David Lewis from another Western New York county, But that David Lewis was never identified or heard from again.

Under the new S.A.F.E. Act  mental health professionals from Social Workers to Physicians  are mandated to report to the local county commissioner of mental health if they believe an individual they are treating has the potential to harm themselves or others.  This information is then held in a secret database in Albany.

Criminal Justice Services is required to determine if the patient has a firearms license, according to the governor’s website explaining how the SAFE Act works.

“If the patient has a firearms license, State Police will report that information to the local firearms licensing official, who must either suspend or revoke the license,” the website states.  If the patient does not have a firearms license the name remains in the database for any future need that may arise.  It is estimated that there are 750,000 names in the database and 400 of them are firearms license holders.

DAVID LEWIS Case is not going away!

Now the David Lewis from Erie County has prepared and is filing a law suit as promised.  Read the complaint here!


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