Shot Heard Round New York Nov 1st

SHOT Heard Round NY and the USA
Two Days prior to the most important election of our lifetime, SCOPE and others are asking gun owners to once again send a clear message to Cuomo and his Democrat Progressives.

At noon Saturday November 1st, people will once again  gather at Gun Clubs across the state for the protest called Shot Heard Round NY. They once again will fire shots in unison with gun owners around the state on a symbolic gesture of protest to Governor Andrew Cuomo and his ruling party.  The Shots will also serve as a reminder that Election Day has arrived on the upcoming Tuesday, November 4th.

Here are some links to news stories of the first Shot Heard Round New York. SAFE Act opponents mark one year anniversary with “Shot Heard ‘Round New York” protest  .

The November 1st event is going nation wide to alert all patriots that election day is coming.  Remember to vote  and vote against those that turn their backs on the American Constitution.

Governor Cuomo declined comment but we all know what he would have said;

 This is just more noise from a vocal minority of extremists financed by the gun industry. You know, the extremists I mentioned when I screeched,  “Forget the extremists, no one hunts with an Assault Rifle. No one needs ten bullets to kill a deer.”   those extremists. But let me clarify.  If any of those extremists like me now because of the Buffalo Billion, casino gate or the cross bow thing, then they are not the extremists I am talking about.

If your Club is going to have a gathering let us know and we will post the info for our members.



Shooters Committee On Political Education

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