Civil Rights Polictial Education

A New York Civil Rights Organization Advocating for Second Amendment Rights of New York Gun Owners

Shooters Committee on Political Education



A New York Civil Rights Organization Advocating for Second Amendment Rights of New York Gun Owners

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Shooters Committee on Political Education

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Shooters Committee on Political Education

SCOPE - The Shooters Committee On Political Education. We are a Not For Profit STATEWIDE volunteer organization, dedicated to preserving your "Right to keep and bear arms" in New York State through education and political action. In New York the right to keep and bear arms is a Civil Right and not mentioned in the State Constitution.

SCOPE believes that the real truth is; no matter how many strict gun control/confiscation laws are passed they will do nothing but disarm responsible law abiding Americans.  

By definition criminals do not obey laws, they will never give up their illegal firearms.  Just as the war on drugs has resulted in the availability of illegal drugs in every city, town and village, gun control will have no effect on stopping the criminal use of firearms.

As a member of SCOPE you can feel good to know your membership dues are going to preserve your rights within New York State. SCOPE provides a way for you to get involved.


Ten Rules of Gun Safety

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Alerts on pending legislation.

Plus the State SCOPE Newsletter "Firing Lines", every 2 months. It will keep you informed about proposed legislation and what SCOPE is up to around the state.

Through SCOPE You can get involved, if you want to preserve your rights!

SCOPE will show you who to call or write to

SCOPE allows you to get involved in LOCAL Chapters in or near your county

SCOPE will show how you can help elect pro-gun owner representatives


SCOPE helps to set up SHOOTING PROGRAMS for all ages at gun clubs.

We are proud of the SCOPE members who have been elected to several County Legislatures, and the State Senate.

Each member makes it that much harder for the anti-gun politicians to take away your rights. There's NO EXCUSE not to join!
BUT I already belong to the NRA. That's great! The NRA is an effective national organization that works primarily on the federal level.  SCOPE is a GRASSROOTS organization working more effectively on the LOCAL and STATE levels.  Both compliment each other and are vitally important in defending your rights.

WHY belong to more than one organization?  Your rights are being assaulted on three fronts - federal, state and local. SCOPE helps the NRA fill in the gaps by organizing the grassroots effort in NYS.

I'M too busy to help. While we encourage all our members to participate in SCOPE's activities, you don't have to get involved if you choose not to. The important thing is that you join SCOPE right now - every member we have counts and makes it harder for the anti-gun politicians to take away YOUR rights.

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SCOPE By-Laws 140Kb PDF


S.A.F.E. ACT Revealed Poster Here

Print and Hang in your Clubs or anywhere you can.

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