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Jefferson – Lewis Chapter of Shooters Committee On Political Education


Jefferson-Lewis SCOPE

S.C.O.P.E. stands for: Shooter's Committee on Political Education We are a statewide 501(c)4 organization dedicated to preserving the 2nd amendment rights for the residents of New York State. We accomplish this by: - Monitoring New York State and local governments for gun legislation. - Supporting pro-2nd Amendment politicians. - Tirelessly making every effort to educate anti-gun politicians. - Working with government officials to sponsor pro 2nd Amendment legislation. - Keeping our members informed on politicians and legislation that will affect your 2nd Amendment rights. - Rating politicians based upon their legislation and voting records to educate our members uring elections. - Maintaining a website with the latest information on news, legislation and events related to 2nd Amendment rights. - Publicly speaking and debating gun issues with anti-gun politicians and anti-gun organizations. -Attending numerous shooting sports events to increase awareness with all types of gun owners. We are 100% Membership funded
Jefferson-Lewis SCOPE
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Jefferson-Lewis SCOPE
VP Prepping&Survival
State Police respond to my freedom of information request
Jefferson-Lewis SCOPE
Jefferson-Lewis SCOPESunday, May 14th, 2017 at 10:15am
May 15, 2017

Hon. Peter D. Lopez
LOB 402
Albany, NY 12248

Dear Assemblyman Lopez,
The Civil Rights Restoration Act (A6805) which you have sponsored will guarantee and spell out the rights of Due Process, Equal Protection, and Privacy that we otherwise take for granted. In doing our part to help ensure that we create a fully integrated Bill of Rights here in New York, we the members of the Jefferson and Lewis Counties Chapter of SCOPE, do here by affix out names to this letter of support for your careful attention to this legislative initiative.
In full support and grateful appreciation of your efforts to restore the rule of law with, respect to our 2nd Amendment rights, we the undersigned members of SCOPE offer to you our full recognition of your effort in the matter of Assembly Bill A6805.
Respectfully yours,

Charles B. Kingsley, Chairman Jefferson-Lewis Chapter of SCOPE
8384 State Park Road
Three Mile Bay, NY 13693

Senator Joseph Griffo 47th Senatorial District
Senator Patty Ritchie 48th Senatorial District

Shooters Committee On Political Education

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