SCOPE apologizes for using the phrase ‘safe act’ in the title of this page.  It seems that there is a whole class of politicians , journalists and people that continue to believe that the phrase describes the law.  The “NY S.A.F.E. Act is an acronym for Secure Ammunition Firearms Enforcement Act and is simply infringing gun control.  The term is what is derived by the bills backers to fool and mislead the gullible and misinformed public.

NY S.A.F.E. One Year Later

Effective Yesterday Jan 15, 2013
The law requires that the background checks on ammo buyers start on January 15, 2014, OR whenever the state police superintendent certifies that the relevant database is in place and operational.

Please note the following:

1) While ammunition sellers and retailers must register with the state by January 15, the database is not in place and is not operational. Ammunition background checks will not begin on January 15;

2) The SAFE Act does not authorize any fee for the ammo background check. I have received numerous calls about a supposed $10 fee for the ammo background check. The state police would need clear authority in the law to impose a fee, and there is none in the law. I believe that some are confused by the fee that dealers can charge when they perform NICS checks for someone involved in a private sale. If a retailer or big box store clerk is telling you that his company is going to charge you a $10 state fee for ammo background checks, ask to see the letter from the state police;

3) While the SAFE Act now prohibits free citizens from exercising their right to accept personal delivery of ammunition via the Internet, a vendor can ship your Internet purchase of ammunition to a licensed ammunition seller (gun dealer or FFL) where you take possession of it in person. This might happen, where for instance, a dealer might not keep ammo on hand in unusual or less common calibers;

4) The prohibition on Internet sales, and the ammunition background check, do NOT apply to reloading components. You may still purchase powder, shot, wads, primers and hulls via your usual sources (but I respectfully suggest that you support your local corner gun dealer).

Last year, the legislature reduced the applicable portion of budget funding for the ammunition background check database.
Little funding is available to move forward on its development.
To build a database that will check multiple sources simultaneously (mental health records, orders of protection, felony convictions, etc.) will take a period of time and substantial funding.
It is hoped that either the courts will overturn by then or the legislature will come to it’s senses and repeal the NY SAFE Act.
SCOPE remains constant in it’s efforts to accomplish one or the other.


Shooters Committee On Political Education

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