Civil Rights Polictial Education

A New York Civil Rights Organization Advocating for Second Amendment Rights of New York Gun Owners

Shooters Committee on Political Education



A New York Civil Rights Organization Advocating for Second Amendment Rights of New York Gun Owners

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Shooters Committee on Political Education

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After his first Repeal the SAFE Act Sign from SCOPE disappeared, a guy in Westchester County put up his own sign and a trail cam to catch whoever it was that took his first sign. Cop Steals SAFE Act Sign

Ooops! Who ya gonna call now?

Repeal the NY SAFE Act

This story is developing ......SCOPE has been in contact with the victim and a new sign is on the way.

You can


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If 80,000 people can go to a football game in Buffalo, Can 80,000 gun owners go to New York’s Freedompalooza?

FREEDOMPALOOZA: Our First Shot for Liberty is sponsored by the New York Freedom Coalition, led by supporters of the Second Amendment, Landowners Rights groups, and the mayors, school board members and other local officials who support Home Rule legislation to empower our local governments against the encroachments of power-hungry Albany bureaucrats and corrupt New York City politicians.



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Infringed Bumper Sticker

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SCOPE GIVES $5000 TO SAF (SECOND AMENDMENT FOUNDATION) Westchester County Lawsuit>>>>>More