June 15, 2018

What a shame that our LEGAL immigrants understand this so much more thoroughly than our naturalized citizens.

Click the link above to see an honestly direct testimony from one of those LEGAL immigrants.

As you know Marc Molinaro is the Republican candidate for governor of New York State. Molinaro has been an outspoken opponent of the SAFE Act and voted against it while in the state assembly. He's been A rated on the gun issue. This past weekend the Republicans nominated Julie Killian to be his running mate for Lieutenant Governor. Ms. Killian was a failed candidate in a recent special election for the New York State Senate. During her recent campaign, she proudly proclaimed her support of the SAFE Act and even boasted about Republican support of the law.

We need you to contact Marc Molinaro's office and tell him you cannot support his candidacy with Ms. Killian on the ticket. Please call soon and also ask your friends, relatives, and acquaintances to call. Julie Killian must be removed from the ticket and replaced with a pro-Second Amendment candidate.

see video at the following link:

To those who are considering supporting Larry Sharpe, the Libertarian candidate for New York governor, please view the attached Libertarian Party video, specifically between the 6:50 and 9:44 marks.

In this video, the host on at least 6 occasions uses the phrase, "if" Larry Sharpe gets 50,000 votes the Libertarian Party will get a line on the ballot. This video is clearly all about getting the 50,000 votes necessary to get the Libertarian Party a ballot line, as opposed to winning the election for governor. Ask yourself this question, if getting only 50,000 votes is an "if" what are their prospects for getting the 2 to 3 million votes needed to win the election? Gun owners need to be pragmatic when deciding who should get their vote. If it's important to you that the Libertarians get a ballot line, then vote Libertarian. However, you do that at your own peril because your vote for Sharpe may very well lead to the reelection of the most anti-gun governor in New York history.

In this video, the Libertarian Party all but admits the Sharpe campaign is about ballot line access and not actually electing Sharpe as governor. Vote smart and vote for the candidate who has a record fighting for the Second Amendment and has a real chance to get elected. No doubt Cuomo is probably a covert Sharpe supporter because he knows every vote that goes to Sharpe moves him closer to reelection.

SAFE ACT 2017 - Short Version

SAFE ACT 2017 - Long Version

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