2018 New york state legislation

First number starting with the letter “A” is an Assembly bill. The second number beginning with the letter “S” is a Senate bill. Only one number means the bill has been introduced in only one house of the legislature, meaning it’s a one house bill.

Go to either the New York State Assembly web site, or the New York State Senate web site, to obtain details of legislation by entering a bill number.

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  • A145 Opposed - Provides for the temporary surrender of firearms where an individual may be a danger to himself or herself or others
  • A00224 S3902 Support - Relates to the filing of approved applications for licenses for the possession of firearms
  • A00349 Opposed - Requires proof of liability insurance prior to issuing a license to carry a firearm
  • A00456 Opposed - Prohibit weapon promotion and sale on public property
  • A00457 Opposed - Safe storage of rifles, shotguns, and firearms
  • A00468 Opposed - Relates to a firearms safety course certificate for license applications made outside of the city of New York 
  • A00477 S3156 Support - Relates to lowering the age for universal hunting licenses from 14 years old to 12 years old
  • A00563 S4392-A Opposed - Nicholas's law (mandatory storage bill)
  • A00800 Opposed - Prohibits the sale of ammunition without proof of a firearm license
  • A00806 Support - Clarifies that licenses for handguns may be issued to non-resident individuals
  • A00897 Support - Relates to the revocation and suspension of licenses to carry, possess, repair and dispose of firearms
  • A00914 S5829 Opposed - Establishes certain crimes relating to the criminal possession or manufacture of an undetectable firearm, rifle, or shotgun
  • A00980 S5963 Opposed - Relates to orders to surrender eligible weapons; requires the surrender of weapons following a conviction in certain misdemeanor cases
  • A11148 Simon S7133(A) ? Kavanagh - Opposed - Establishes extreme risk protection orders as a court-issued order of protection prohibiting a person from purchasing, possessing or attempting to purchase or possess a firearm, rifle or shotgun. READ MORE
  • A01213 Opposed - Relates to the criminal possession of a firearm or magazine digitally made
  • A01224 S0067 Opposed - Establishes the safe homes act
  • A01298 S1193 Opposed - Relates to the restriction of the sale of ammunition to only individuals authorized to possess such weapon 
  • A01466 Support - Allows security guards licensed as armed security guards to possess high capacity magazines
  • A01627 Support - Prohibits the state police from imposing a fee or surcharge for recertification of certain gun licenses
  • A01655 S1049 Support - Relates to licenses to carry, possess, repair and dispose of firearms
  • A01708 S2190 Opposed - Increase the types of firearms that are to be included in the firearm ballistic identification database
  • A01990 S3355 Opposed - Enacts the "children's weapon accident prevention act"
  • A02175 Opposed - Creates a firearm proficiency requirement examination for the licensing of persons to carry or possess a firearm 
  • A02260 Opposed - Requires owners of firearms to obtain liability insurance
  • A02299 S0135 Support - Authorizes an applicant for a pistol or revolver license to possess such while attending a pre-license firearms safety course
  • A02406 S1414 Opposed - Establishes a waiting period before a firearm, shotgun or rifle may be delivered to a person
  • A02659 S0432 Opposed - Requires the creation and imposition of restrictive commercial practices and stringent record keeping and reporting to prevent gun sales to criminals
  • A02758 Support - Relates to the definition of assault weapons
  • A02775 S3049 Opposed - Prohibits the possession of concealed firearms in national parks and national wildlife refuge systems
  • A02817 S3917 Support - Relates to a temporary permit to carry or possess a firearm
  • A02847 S2070 Support - Relates to gun control; repealer
  • A02947 S3277 Opposed - Relates to a ban on undetectable firearms, undetectable firearm receivers and undetectable ammunition magazines
  • A02959 Opposed - Prohibits persons named on the consolidated terrorist watch list from obtaining or renewing a license to carry, possess, repair and dispose of firearms
  • A02977 S4363 Opposed - Creates a firearm violence research institute; and making an appropriation therefor
  • A03097 S3033 Support - Increases penalties for criminal use of a firearm in the first degree when committing a drug related felony offense
  • A03421 S3958 Support - Relates to firearms; repealer
  • A03438 S5808 Opposed - Enacts the effective background check act of 2017
  • A03655 S2820 Support - Relates to hunting, fishing and outdoor education in high school physical education courses
  • A03732 Opposed - Relates to liability for the manufacture, sale, leasing or other disposition of ammunition feeding devices and compensation for damages
  • A04129 Support - Enacts the New York state sportsmen's weekend act and creates a limited exemption of the sale of certain firearms, ammunition, archery equipment and hunting supplies from state sales and compensating use taxes
  • A04456 Opposed - Relates to manufacturers' reporting the sale or distribution of firearms
  • A04482 S3716 Support - Relates to possession of firearms on property owned by or held in trust for SUNY ESF
  • A04487 Opposed - Requires manufacturers to use a coding system on all handgun and assault weapon ammunition
  • A04564 Support - Relates to pistol permit applications for military personnel
  • A04571 Support - Authorizes the possession of certain antique rifles and their modern day replicas
  • A04651 S4728 Support - Authorizes the possession of a handgun being sold by a dealer in firearms upon the premises of such dealer
  • A04962 Opposed - Prohibits entry to gun shows to anyone under twelve years of age
  • A05043 S3394 Support - Relates to the filing of approved applications for licenses for the possession of firearms
  • A05274 S1279 Support - 1279 Relates to revocation or suspension of a license to carry or possess a firearm
  • A05300 S1209-A Support - Relates to removing the prohibition on firearm silencer
  • A05355 S3770 Support - Prohibits the release of personal medical records or information without a warrant or express written authorization of the individual
  • A05358 S0197 Support - Repeals chapter 1 of the laws of 2013, amending the criminal procedure law and other laws relating to suspension and revocation of firearms licenses; private sale or disposal of firearms, rifles or shotgun
  • A05366 Support - Authorizes the carrying of firearms by military personnel at recruiting center
  • A05388 S1996 Support - Relates to the recertification process for firearm
  • A05599 S1997 Support - Relates to repealing the New York SAFE Act of 201
  • A05826 S0470 Opposed - Requires semiautomatic pistols manufactured or delivered to any licensed dealer in this state to be capable of micro-stamping ammunitio
  • A05849 Support - Relates to validity of a license to carry and possess a firearm in the city of New Yor
  • A06140 S0879-C Support - Limits the application of the "safe act" to the counties of Kings, Queens, Richmond, New York and Bronx; repeale
  • A06187 Opposed - Imposes civil penalties for the improper disposition of a firear
  • A06345 Opposed - Prohibits possession of a gun or non-folding knife at a governmental chamber or public hearing of the state or any political subdivisio
  • A06346 S3444 Opposed - Proscribes persons, firms or corporations engaged in retail business of selling firearms from selling, delivering or transferring child operated firearms
  • A06425 S3014 Support - Relates to reciprocity for pistol permit applications for military personne
  • A06432 S3963 Support - Relates to the private sale or disposal of firearms, rifles and shotguns
  • A06433 Support - Relates to allowing individuals licensed out-of-state to carry a pistol or firearm to carry such weapon within the state for a limited duratio
  • A06787 Support - Relates to the disclosure of firearm licensees and applicants information
  • A06805 S6419 Support - Relates to establishing the civil rights restoration act and amends provisions of law regarding firearm licenses; repealer
  • A06828 Opposed - Restricts the locations of gunsmiths and dealers in firearms in relation to day cares, educational facilities, and places of worship
  • A06871 S0739 Support - Provides that a license to possess a pistol or revolver shall permit the licensee to carry such weapon concealed
  • A06998 S1918 Support - Clarifies that military members are authorized to possess large capacity feeding devices and other banned weapons when acting in their official military capacity
  • A07023 S0063 Opposed - Establishes a special fee on firearms, rifles and shotguns
  • A08342 S0192 Support - Relates to providing a tax credit for the purchase of gun safety equipment
  • A08717 S6918 Opposed - Relates to the possession, manufacture or sale of a trigger crank, a bump-fire device or other firing accelerators

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